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From a very young age Boyce was interested in art.  He has always been painting, sculpting or just messing around with art.  He was entering art contests as early as the third grade…and taking home blue ribbons even then.


In the mid 70’s he was designing, building and painting sets for local churches and theatre groups.  


Boyce began his career in the entertainment industry in 1985, when he was hired as the Scenic Artist for Heritage USA, a Christian theme park outside Charlotte, NC.  In early 1987, Boyce took a position as a designer in the Creative Design Department.  Later that year, he became the Creative Director for the park, as well as Art Director for the different live television productions.


In 1989, Boyce left the Charlotte area for Orlando, FL.  He was hired as the Assistant Art Director for E.T.’s Adventure Ride at Universal Studios Florida.  


In 1990, he moved to Los Angeles with Museum Services as an Art Director for E.T.’s Adventure Ride at Universal Studios Hollywood.


When the E.T. Project finished in Hollywood, Boyce moved back to Orlando and began working for Richard Crane Productions as the Art Director for the Italian project “I Corsair, The Legend of Jason Montague”.  This is a  

pirate-themed dark ride in Gardaland, Italy.  


After returning to the states in 1992, Boyce continued with Richard Crane Productions as the Scenic Designer for the dark ride in Hong Kong  “Rise of the Dragon”.  He also was Scenic Designer for the “Magnificent Adventure”, a motion-based simulator ride at the same location in Hong Kong.


In 1994, Boyce was named Senior Designer for Richard Crane Productions on the New Orlando Science Center.   


When this project finished in mid 1995, Boyce relocated back to the Charlotte area and began a freelance career with Paramount Parks as a Show/Set Designer.   In 1998, he joined Paramount full time as the Scenic Construction Coordinator.  


In 2000, he joined the ranks at The Discovery Place in Charlotte as their Exhibits Director/Designer.  


In 2002, Boyce decided once again to return to the freelance market.  He began to focus more on specializing in mural painting.  


Boyce is self taught and believes he was born with the artistic talent.  His father had an eye for color and his mother was very artistic and a gifted musician.  Outside of his parents, Boyce will tell you that Dr. Bailey Graham Weathers, Jr. “Doc” was his Mentor and had a huge impact on his career along with his high school art teacher, Mr. Robert Moody.


Thank you for visiting…enjoy.

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